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  • HETIAN jade bracelet 
  • Natural HETIAN jade
  • Natural pearl 
  • 14k gold 
  • Handmade 
  • Beautiful design
  • Available in 3 styles half moon charm, pearl and jade and handcrafted gold design with pearls and jade 
  • Lobster clasp
  • Extended chain
  • 17CM
  • 4MM
  • Production and Development of Hetian Jade

    Chinese people have used Hetian Jade for thousands of years. Historically, there are many records and praises of Hetian Jade. In the Spring and Autumn Period, Qu Yuan left in his famous "Lisao" the words "climbing Kunlun to eat Jade Ying, living with the heaven and the earth, and shining with the sun and the moon." American Sentences.

    Hetian jade mainly distributes in the northern slope of Kunlun Mountains, which stretches 1500 kilometers in the last area of Shache-Tashkurgan, Hetian-Yutian and Minfeng, Xinjiang, and has nine origins. Because the quality of the jade produced here is the same, people used to call it "Hetian Jade" or "Kunlun Jade".

    Hetian Jade is a fine product in Chinese nephrite and also in the world nephrite. Hetian Jade has white, sapphire, topaz, jasper, ink, flower jade, Ruby and other varieties. The best products are white as lamb fat, yellow as ripe chestnut, red as chicken crown, black as ink dyed.

    Hetian Jade is divided into "seed material" and "mountain material". The jade picked up in the river is called "Shuiziyu", which is mostly produced in the middle and lower reaches of the river. It is of good quality, but its output is low. Mountain material is also known as "mountain water", "mountain water" mostly occurs in the upper reaches of rivers. Mountain water material is relatively close to primary minerals, relatively larger, slightly more output, but uneven quality. Hetian seed jade is mainly produced in the Yulong Kashi River and the Karakashi River. Every summer when the mountain torrents erupt, the original natural weathering and collapse of the mountain jades will be washed into the river, the turbulent river water wrapped in large and small rocks forward, after repeated rolling, impact, the external impurities of the mountain jades will be exhausted. After the flood, people can look for the beautiful seed jade like Grease Paste on the river beach.


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